I cannot hear the audio files on ClickOnFrench.com. Why ?


ClickOnFrench.com contains thousands of audio files with French dialogues.

It can happen that in some cases the users faces some problems to hear those files.

There can be several reasons, which can be easily solved.

Please find here bellow a step-by-step guide how to find why you can not hear the audio files and how to solve the problem.


For this kind of issue, the most common reasons are :

* flash plugin not installed on the pc : there should be a warning on top of the browser page.

Here below a screen shot of the error message displayed on the browser “Additional plugins are requested to display all the media on this page”




If the Flash Plugin is not correctly installed, in that case, the user will not see the message "Loading complete" on the left. Instead there will be just a white space:

Additionally, to be absolutely sure that the flash plugin is installed and activated, the user should open the link http://ce.uwex.edu/techsupport/flashtest.aspx and see if the flash animation is properly displayed.

* Possibly no speakers, or speakers deactivated, or headphones not working : the user should check he is able to listen any other sound, music etc.
Best test : go on our video on youtube and check if you can hear the music : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES95PUgV2fA


*  DownloadAccelerator (or similar) installed on your PC

Some software or browser add-ons, are used to accelerate the download of files from Internet. The trouble is that those software, if activated at the same time as using ClickOnFrench.com, will consider that you want to download the audio files (MP3 files) instead of wanting to listen to them inside the course. They will then propose to save them on your hard-drive instead of opening them in the audio player embedded in ClickOnFrench.com

You will need to deactivate/uninstall this download accelerator when using ClickOnFrench.com.


* I’m accessing ClickOnFrench on my IPhone/IPad : the Apple products being incompatible with Flash Player, it is not possible at this moment to hear the audio files on an IPhone/Ipad. Our team is working on a workaround to use an alternative to Flash Plugin.


If none of those options solve immediately the problem, please contact us and provide us additional information about your technical configuration :

·         Operating system : windows xp, 7, Max Os, Ubuntu... ?

·         Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome ...

·         Screenshot of the dialogue page


Then send us this information to the address admin@clickonfrench.com