While you progress in the course, your French level will be assessed at several levels on Click On French.

Comprehension tests : Each lesson starts with a dialogue where you hear people speaking French. The aim is to get your ear get used to someone speaking French and getting the right accent. After each dialogue, you will be asked a few questions to check what you have understood.

Focus tests : at the end of each lesson (focus) you will have a set of activities to test what you have just learned. You will need to finish those tests to be able to proceed to the next focus. These are auto-corrected exercises where the system will give you instant feedback about your performance.

Sequence tests : If you registered for a package with a teacher (Plus Package and Privilege Package), every 5 lessons you will have additional exercises. Those exercises are free written expression exercises (ex: write a post card to your friends about your holidays). Those exercises can not be auto-corrected, and it is your dedicated teacher who will review and correct you exercises, giving you the correct answers and guidance on the points you need to focus on.