DELF A1 Certification: This is an official exam which is different of Click on French, but Click on French is designed to prepare you for the DELF exam and make you reach the A1 level.

The Exam is taken at one of the Alliance Francaise in India and at a given date. To know what are the official dates, check this page or contact the Alliance Francaise closest to you (list of the Alliance Française on this page);


Click on French Certification: This is the Click on French certification. It is an online exam. It lasts for one hour. You will be tested on your Listening, Writing and Speaking abilities.

You will agree with the Click On French admin team the date and time for the examination. During the examination, you will be required to switch on your webcam, and a person from the Click On French team will monitor you during the exam. We'll give you the exact procedure at the time of your registration to the exam.

There is a fee to take the Certification Exam.

The test will cover all of Click On French course, and will test if you have reached the A1 level.
If you clear the Certification Exam (mark 50% and above), you will be entitled to a Language Certificate signed by a representative of the Institut Français -  French Embassy.

Attestation: If you don't wish to take the Certification Exam, once you finish the 25 lessons we can issue you an Attestation of completion of the course. Upon Request.