1. The online course
This online course combines the advantages of a regular course with the flexibility of Internet. Unlike other online language courses, our focus is on communication in French. So that's why Tara, an Indian student in France, takes you through different situations that a visitor in France may come across.
This course is divided into 5 Sequences and each Sequence is divided into 5 lessons. At the beginning of each lesson, which is based on a specific situation, you have to listen to a dialogue. We have designed a learning kit and various activities (grammar, vocabulary, culture, pronunciation) around this dialogue. At every step of this well structured course, you will be accompanied by a highly experienced teacher with whom you can interact.
2. Downloadable Offline learning kit
In addition to the online course, you can download an offline learning kit including i) all the audio files (that you can copy to your mobile or MP3 player and listen to it on your way to the office) ; ii). An exercise book. iii). A booklet which explains how to use the site.
3. Numerous features...
Thousands of exercises, activities and audio files, a dedicated teacher, a community of students, phone/skype teaching, recognized certification, a course approved by the French embassy. There is more to Click On French!
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