Click On French is an online French course full of multimedia content and exercises

Multimedia activities and exercises

Our online course contains hundreds of multimedia activities and exercises, so you can practice what you learn and measure your progress.

Vocabulary, Grammar, and hundreds of syllabuses covered

The course covers all aspects of French grammar and vocabulary so you don't miss anything.

Thousands of sound files

You will access to thousands of sound files recorded by French natives, and will gradually become familiar with French pronunciation and the way to speak just like in France.

Online Teachers

Our online teachers are there to guide you. You can communicate with them through email, skype, or chat. Simply ask them your questions, or enjoy the fun of a conversation class.

Culture, Pronunciation.

Knowing the theory is good, but not enough. That's why Click On French also teaches you the real French culture, with all its subtle parts. Each chapter of our course also includes a pronunciation section that will train you to pronounce everything just the right way, and sound like a French person.

Audio Dialogues

Listen to conversations in French exactly as if it was happening in front of you. Each chapter of our course starts with a dialogue that will put you in a real life situation, and like in a real life situation you will have to try to understand what is said before we explain it to you.


At regular intervals, you will be able to test what you have learnt through test simulations. These tests are inspired from the official DELF A1 exam, and will test your written as well as your oral skills.

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  • What I like most is the 100% flexibility with the studying hours and there is a private coach to guide us

    KarthikaHousewife, Chennai

  • Studying French with Click on French was really interesting and effective for me.Thank You.

    SafyaFrench Student, New Delhi