Click On French is a structured course that will guide you step by step throughout your progression. The course takes you through the different aspects of French including communication, grammar, vocabulary, culture, pronunciation and will help you practice thanks to the hundreds of activities and tests.

Click On French is composed of 25 structured lessons (140 hours of learning), each organized as described below.

STEP 1 : Defining the objectives

At the beginning of each lesson, you will be given an overview of what you will learn in the focus, i.e. the grammar, the theme of the vocabulary presented, etc... This will help you know in advance what you will learn in the lesson.

STEP 2 : Listening to a dialogue

Click On French uses a communicative approach, which means that the course is designed to motivate you to communicate. This is why the second part of the lesson puts you in a real life context of people speaking in French. You will have to try your best to understand what the dialogue is about. After listening twice to the dialogue, you have to answer a comprehension test.

STEP 3 : The learning kit

The learning kit contains 4 different sections : grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and culture. In the learning kit, we explain you point by point the meaning of the words used in the dialogue, what rules have been used, etc... .

STEP 4 : Exercises and activities

This is where you put in practice what you have learnt throughout the lesson. Click On French contains several hundreds of exercices so you can practice as much as you want. In addition to that, the exercises are also monitored by our teachers who will explain to you where were your mistakes.

STEP 5 : Unit tests

Every 5 lessons, you will have to take up a Unit Test. The unit test is a test corrected by your dedicated teacher, and  will help you and him to monitor your progression and advise you accordingly.

STEP 6 : Certification exam

At the end of the course, you can take if you wish the certification exam. If you clear it, you will get a a certificate issued by Click On French, mentioning that you have completed the equivalent of a level A1 or A2 in French.


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